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The politics behind funding the FAA

Politicians disgust me. The idealism of the democratic process our nation runs on is a lovely principle in theory, but in practice it’s just ridiculous. I used to expend energy on being an active engaging citizen, but I gave up that position years ago. Yes I still vote, but I absolutely cannot be entertained into…

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United Airlines discovers missed maintenance deadline for Boeing 757 fleet

United Airlines discovered they missed a deadline to complete a required maintenance directive on their fleet of 96 Boeing 757-200 aircraft yesterday, causing some cancellations and significant delays. It is being reported that between 7 and 17 flights were cancelled yesterday, and delays could trickle through into today. The Federal Airworthiness Directive in question was…

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Listening to air traffic control onboard United Airlines

As a former student pilot, I appreciate listening to “From the Flight Deck” (Channel 9) onboard United Airlines flights. While it is the captain’s prerogative as to whether or not to offer it on each flight, I have found it available more often than not. It brings the flights to life and enables you to…

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