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Was FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt’s resignation the right decision?

As widely reported this week, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt resigned from his post because he made a terrible decision this past Saturday and drove drunk. As head of an agency devoted in part to regulating aviation safety for the nation, stepping down was the obvious and logical decision. Or was it? Before being appointed to…

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Trusted travelers, antiquated ATC, rising airfares, American’s troubles, ads everywhere, Qantas’ woes and Expedia gets fined

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… The Transportation Security Administration has officially started a “trusted traveler” program this week. According to the TSA, “This pilot program will help assess measures designed to enhance security by placing more focus on pre-screening individuals who volunteer information about themselves prior to flying in order…

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Airline ticket tax holiday short-lived, but long-term FAA funding far more critical

The partial shutdown of the FAA ended yesterday, but it’s only a temporary reprieve and I still hold firm in my disgust of politicians and their ability to hold citizens hostage from their employment. Sixteen days went by where airlines didn’t have to collect federal taxes that fund not only the salaries of Federal Aviation…

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The politics behind funding the FAA

Politicians disgust me. The idealism of the democratic process our nation runs on is a lovely principle in theory, but in practice it’s just ridiculous. I used to expend energy on being an active engaging citizen, but I gave up that position years ago. Yes I still vote, but I absolutely cannot be entertained into…

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