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Airlines’ ability to steer traffic to lower demand flights through screen bias

I follow the Australian airline industry pretty closely and one of my favorite websites to read every day is Australian Business Traveller. This week a reader asked the question, “Why does (Qantas) not want to sell me SYD-ORD via LAX on the A380?†I plugged in some sample dates on the Australian version of…

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EVA Airways’ alliance, DOT monitors Twitter & approved AA/QF, American’s Flagship at LAX, TSA trusted traveler, Kevin Spacey, GDSs profit and Asiana expands

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… EVA Airways has come out and acknowledged they are “in aggressive talks” to join either the oneworld or Star Alliance by 2013. Here in the U.S. they fly to Anchorage, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York’s JFK. To me, Star seems more fitting…

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Competition for ITA Software? Review of Everbread’s Haystack airfare search engine

I recently posted some videos put out by UK-based Everbread showing a humorous yet accurate description of how Global Distribution Systems came into being and their evolution to present form. Those videos were admittedly a selfless plug for the company’s Haystack airfare search engine, whose underlying technology is marketed as a business-to-business solution with greater…

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