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Save Time Using Hipmunk for Multi-Segment Mileage Run Bookings

I’m a creature of habit and when I find a tried and true method to book multi-segment mileage runs, I stick with it. Too much so that when it doesn’t work, I fluster around with it far longer than I need to. Having recently moved from Los Angeles and accepted my fate that I’ll no…

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Booking airline tickets online: Easy or irritatingly difficult?

As a blogger I bookmark and follow a huge amount of travel-related websites that feature news and reviews in the airline and travel industry. One of them is whose tagline is “Talking Travel Tech.” It really is a fantastic site and they frequently cover global distribution system (GDS) issues and stories for which I…

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Competition for ITA Software? Review of Everbread’s Haystack airfare search engine

I recently posted some videos put out by UK-based Everbread showing a humorous yet accurate description of how Global Distribution Systems came into being and their evolution to present form. Those videos were admittedly a selfless plug for the company’s Haystack airfare search engine, whose underlying technology is marketed as a business-to-business solution with greater…

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