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New surcharge, United’s theme & auctions, American delisted, AirTran fined, Qantas pilots, Brussels-bound and 2011 profits

In other airline industry news this week… As I expected and not at all surprising, American, Delta, United and US Airways have added a $6 roundtrip surcharge for flights to Europe to offset the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme. United’s 767-300s that fly to Europe hold a total of 183 passengers. If it goes out full…

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New routes for American & United, on-time stats, IATA’s 2012 forecast, passenger protection rules, Qantas news and Expedia extends agreement

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… United Airlines announced they will add a segment onto the existing Washington Dulles to Dubai flight and continue to Doha, Qatar beginning May 1, 2012. The news release claims the flights will be operated with United’s International Premium Travel Experience Boeing 777s, but there’s still…

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Sea-Tac Airport embarking on $100 million overhaul: Greater need for “Airport of the Future”

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is about to begin a major realignment that will purportedly cost the airport and airlines upwards of $100 million during the next two-years. It will basically uproot and relocate every carrier’s current terminal lobby locations and gate areas. The dynamic nature of the airline industry, with new entrants, consolidations and defunct carriers,…

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Qantas shuts down, third quarter airline financials, inflight food, premium traffic growth slows, Google adds OTAs to Flight Search and café diversions

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… [Edited last minute to include:] Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has taken severe action and cancelled all flights in response to continued pressure by three union groups at the airline. He states, ”They are trashing our strategy and our brand. They are deliberately destabilising the company…

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