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United optimistic, pilots union not; American fears recession; mileage runners; ridiculous lawsuit; hotels rejoice; DOT changes and Australia’s woes

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek claims he doesn’t see any signs of an “imminent recession” when looking at advance bookings. A combination of capacity discipline and fare increases has kept the carrier in the black. Smisek remarked, “We’re not seeing it in our bookings [or]…

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Qantas reveals new airlines, route structure & top-tier frequent flyer status

Qantas released a dizzying amount of teasers yesterday with regard to restructuring their ailing international operation, as well as planned improvements to their Boeing 747 fleet, frequent flyer program and lounge offerings. The carrier held an official “A New Spirit†briefing where the below items were announced, many of which were more fully analyzed and…

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