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How to Find Mileage Runs – 2013 Edition

It’s been exactly one year since the go-to method to find mileage runs died – the FareCompare Flyertalk tool. The folks at FareCompare claimed it would return and even had a “coming soon†notation earlier this year. That has since totally disappeared and repeated requests for information from them fell on silent ears. I have…

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Mileage Run Opportunity: $208.80 nets 6,712 United PQMs SAN-SFO-CLE-MCI r/t

Well Kansas City here we come again! Both United and Delta have a $79 base fare out in the San Diego to Kansas City market tonight – no love for American. The fare is valid now through the end-of-schedule, but as you can imagine, there is basically no inventory available on this particular routing during…

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United optimistic, pilots union not; American fears recession; mileage runners; ridiculous lawsuit; hotels rejoice; DOT changes and Australia’s woes

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek claims he doesn’t see any signs of an “imminent recession” when looking at advance bookings. A combination of capacity discipline and fare increases has kept the carrier in the black. Smisek remarked, “We’re not seeing it in our bookings [or]…

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Mileage Running 101: How I construct a mileage run – Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, I was asked recently about how I construct a mileage run, and although I provided a brief version back in January, I fully detail one of my methods in this two-part posting. Continuing from Part 1: Now that I know the date range, days of week, and fare basis…

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Mileage Running 101: How I construct a mileage run – Part 1

Every mileage runner has a tried and true method for finding the best combination of fares, routings & flights when constructing a mileage run, and I’ll share my most frequently used process in the next two posts. I made a similar posting in January, but with less detail, and have been recently asked to expand…

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