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My United Airlines Mileage Tracking Spreadsheet, Round Two

A couple of years ago I made a similar post revealing my mileage tracking spreadsheet for United (or any airline for that matter). And while I love technology and my favorite app that still tracks my United balance (and so much more: PageOnce), I get a certain satisfaction out of my old school method. I…

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I DO have a complaint about American Airlines

I realize I’ve been quite the cheerleader lately for American Airlines. My experiences flying with them and communicating with their social media team have been stellar since last year, and I’m happily on my way to qualifying for Executive Platinum for 2013. However, as I’ve started to fly them and book more tickets with regularity,…

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American Airlines website issues “zeroed out” some AAdvantage accounts yesterday

I received an update yesterday morning from PageOnce, a service I use to track both my financial and travel loyalty programs, that my American Airlines AAdvantage account balance had been wiped to zero. I figured it was a bug with the service, and went to log in to my AAdvantage account to see the following…

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