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Friday Musings: Chicago Seminars and Milepoint Premium Membership

I’m kicking myself this morning for not booking a trip to the Chicago Seminars after seeing all the Tweets and build-up from attendees this week. If you’re unfamiliar, the annual event brings together the brightest minds in the travel hacking community to discuss all things miles and points. From introductory lectures to advanced credit card…

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Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel News: August 6, 2013

A sampling of industry news that caught my attention today: You can again track your American Airlines AAdvantage account activity with AwardWallet. New security measures have been put in place at AwardWallet to American’s satisfaction, re-opening access for members. Here’s hoping Delta, Southwest and United return eventually! American Airlines is hiring 80 work-from-home reservations agents…

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American Airlines AAdvantage Tracking Returns to AwardWallet

Great news for American Airlines AAdvantage members who use AwardWallet – the loyalty program tracking service can once again access and update your mileage balance in real-time. American announced the “new†(reinstated, actually) service this morning in a press release: “American Airlines is continually looking for new ways to enhance the experience for our most…

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I DO have a complaint about American Airlines

I realize I’ve been quite the cheerleader lately for American Airlines. My experiences flying with them and communicating with their social media team have been stellar since last year, and I’m happily on my way to qualifying for Executive Platinum for 2013. However, as I’ve started to fly them and book more tickets with regularity,…

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