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Update: United MileagePlus Buy Miles Bonus Now at 60 Percent

I posted about United’s “People Power†MileagePlus promotion on Tuesday, where members can earn up to a 60 percent bonus on purchased miles depending on how many participate in the program. More than 1,500 members have bought miles through the dedicated link, so the maximum bonus of 60 percent will apply to everyone. The offer…

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United Offers 3-Day 30-60 Percent Bonus on Purchased Miles

United Airlines today launched a new MileagePlus “People Power†purchased miles promotion (phew… that’s a lot of “Psâ€), where you can earn a 30-60 percent bonus when buying miles. The actual bonus amount depends on how many members participate via the dedicated link. Here’s how it works: Each participating member will receive a minimum 30…

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