United Offers 3-Day 30-60 Percent Bonus on Purchased Miles

United Airlines today launched a new MileagePlus “People Power†purchased miles promotion (phew… that’s a lot of “Psâ€), where you can earn a 30-60 percent bonus when buying miles. The actual bonus amount depends on how many members participate via the dedicated link.

Here’s how it works:

Each participating member will receive a minimum 30 percent bonus on award miles purchased through the promotion. The bonus will increase to as much as 60 percent if there are more than 1,500 qualifying transactions.

a table with numbers and textAnd there’s a tracking feature on the promotion page to show you how many people have already participated. Shortly ago, it was as follows:

a screenshot of a graphPurchasing miles can be a good idea when you’re close to an award, though I wouldn’t recommend buying all of the miles needed for such a ticket since you can typically earn miles more cheaply than the usual rate of 3.76 cents-per-mile buying them affords.

If the full 60 percent bonus through this promotion is realized, the cents-per-mile rate drops to 2.35 – definitely better and I’d be more likely to top-up my account at that rate if I were short a few thousand for a planned award redemption.

Click here for full details on United’s promotion, which ends on Thursday, September 5.

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