United Offers 3-Day 30-60 Percent Bonus on Purchased Miles

United Airlines today launched a new MileagePlus “People Power” purchased miles promotion (phew… that’s a lot of “Ps”), where you can earn a 30-60 percent bonus when buying miles. The actual bonus amount depends on how many members participate via the dedicated link.

Here’s how it works:

Each participating member will receive a minimum 30 percent bonus on award miles purchased through the promotion. The bonus will increase to as much as 60 percent if there are more than 1,500 qualifying transactions.

United People Power 1And there’s a tracking feature on the promotion page to show you how many people have already participated. Shortly ago, it was as follows:

United People Power 2Purchasing miles can be a good idea when you’re close to an award, though I wouldn’t recommend buying all of the miles needed for such a ticket since you can typically earn miles more cheaply than the usual rate of 3.76 cents-per-mile buying them affords.

If the full 60 percent bonus through this promotion is realized, the cents-per-mile rate drops to 2.35 – definitely better and I’d be more likely to top-up my account at that rate if I were short a few thousand for a planned award redemption.

Click here for full details on United’s promotion, which ends on Thursday, September 5.

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