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Pondering United Premier Platinum Over Gold for 2014

“To Plat or not to Plat, that is the question.†I started pondering this last night after updating my mileage spreadsheet to see that after flying what I have booked for the rest of the year, I’ll be about 11,000 miles short of Premier Platinum next year. I had long resigned myself not to go…

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Limited Time Chase Ink Offers for Small Business Week

[Edited June 24, 2013: The limited time offers described below are no longer available.] Chase is supporting Small Business Week through June 22, 2013 with limited-time offers on its popular Ink business cards. I wrote previously how the Ink Plus® Business Card is among My Top 3 Travel Credit Cards for airline and hotel redemptions,…

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Is It Really That Hard to Redeem Frequent Flier Miles?

A couple of articles caught my attention this week about the difficulty some travelers have redeeming frequent flier miles. The first is from the Daily Mail, and setting my opinion of the publication itself aside, I read through the article. About 1,000 British fliers were surveyed and asked about their participation in an airline’s frequent…

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