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A Look at Cheapest vs. Upgradable United Airlines International Airfares

My travel goals on United have changed this year due to several factors, including a move to a more expensive cost per mile (CPM) originating airport and the increasing likelihood that all U.S. airlines will add some type of elite status revenue requirement to their frequent flier programs. My goal on United this year is…

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How to use United Airlines systemwide upgrades on Continental Airlines

There’s not a whole lot of cheering among elites, particularly on the United Airlines side, with the merger, but one thing I am happy about is the new destinations opened to me on Continental Airlines metal. There are many European cities I’ve been wanting to visit and look forward especially to visiting Oslo and Stockholm,…

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My gift of two United Airlines Systemwide Upgrades goes to…

I’m thrilled that two of my available United Airlines Systemwide Upgrades have found a new home. Congratulations to commenter number 58, and I’ll be emailing you directly with further details shortly. Thanks for everyone’s interest and happy flying to us all!

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I’m gifting two United Airlines Systemwide Upgrade certificates (SWUs)

[Edited to add: Thanks for everyone’s interest. Commenter #58 ended up being chosen and the upgrades are reserved in his name] My international travel has been plotted through at least January next year and I have two United Airlines Systemwide Upgrade certificates available that I’d like to gift to someone, so who better than one…

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Analysis of United Airlines’ lowest coach vs. upgradable fares using a Systemwide Upgrade

United Airlines has long required the purchase of at least a W-bucket fare on international flights for which a person wishes to upgrade into Business Class using a Systemwide Upgrade instrument (SWU). SWUs, for anyone that doesn’t already know, are bestowed upon 100,000-mile 1K flyers once hitting 100,000 elite qualifying miles (EQMs) in a calendar…

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Halfway to United Airlines 1K status & revisiting the Systemwide Upgrade timeline

My latest trip pushed me over the halfway point to requalifying for 1K status for 2012, and I’m thinking now that I need to retract a statement I made back in November. United Airlines announced a variety of changes to the Mileage Plus program at that time, including the deposit schedule for systemwide upgrades (SWUs).…

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