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Halfway to United Airlines 1K status & revisiting the Systemwide Upgrade timeline

My latest trip pushed me over the halfway point to requalifying for 1K status for 2012, and I’m thinking now that I need to retract a statement I made back in November. United Airlines announced a variety of changes to the Mileage Plus program at that time, including the deposit schedule for systemwide upgrades (SWUs).…

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The United Airlines 1K Only website gets a major and long overdue overhaul

[Edited June 1, 2011] R.I.P. to the 1k-Only Website! It’s gone & was replaced simply with a link for the “1K Calling Guide.” For the myriad of United Airlines 100,000-mile flyers out there, let me save you some time and tell you I’m lying. For everyone else, a perk for being in the top mileage-based…

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