The United Airlines 1K Only website gets a major and long overdue overhaul

[Edited June 1, 2011] R.I.P. to the 1k-Only Website! It’s gone & was replaced simply with a link for the “1K Calling Guide.”

For the myriad of United Airlines 100,000-mile flyers out there, let me save you some time and tell you I’m lying. For everyone else, a perk for being in the top mileage-based elite level of Mileage Plus is access to United’s 1K Only Web Site. It’s a nice premise and adds to the allure of 1K status, but I’m going to pull a WikiLeaks, if you will, and reveal to the world right here the top four exclusive offers & news items appearing as of right now:

a close-up of a email

Sigh. It’s March 4, 2011, and every 1K already has their 2011 Systemwide Upgrades, we’ve known about the Cleveland gate changes since this time last year, the 2010 Elite Choice program has long been over, and they’re reminding us to submit our photos for the A Thousand Words contest by September 19, 2010.

It’s pretty embarrassing, actually, and a major letdown for new 1Ks as evidenced in this FlyerTalk thread. I know they’re busy integrating with Continental Airlines, but this problem has been around for a couple of years, if not more. Let this stand as my call to United Airlines to either update the website and allow me to eat my words, or just take it down and remove this exclusive “benefit.â€


  1. Looks like another nail for United/ Continental.

    Too bad the frequent traveler continues to see benefits
    taken away. How many more folks can they put in the Premeir boarding line by reducing the qualifications to credit card customers and less than the frequent flyer.

    Waiting for the next move- I’m sure Jeff has a plan for cutting back more.

    1-K for 3 Years.

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