Video: Pan Am First Class trip report Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires in 1989

I’ve had Pan Am on the mind this week ever since hearing about the possibility of new drama series coming to TV this fall. I scoured YouTube and found this gem someone posted from a trip they took in First Class from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires in 1989. My first reaction was, “Wow… I didn’t realize that 1989 looked so… 1970!” Getting beyond retro-shock, this guy does a very nice filming job inside the cabin of the Boeing 747, and includes a tour through Business Class (Clipper Class) and Economy. Loved the flight attendant’s fun reaction while he was filming during the safety demonstration, but I wonder how the other passengers felt? Enjoy!


  1. That was an amazing video! Pretty interesting to see what real first class service was like ^

    thanks for sharing! 🙂

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