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Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel Industry News: September 17, 2012

Gary noticed an alarming statistic from yesterday and today. American Airlines canceled about 5% of their flights on Sunday and Monday, causing some to think it might be a pilot “sick out.” Last week American imposed new work rules on its pilots. Meanwhile at American, hundreds of flight attendants reportedly took a $40,000 cash buy…

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United’s virtual agent, Continental’s E+, American Eagle fined, bloated TSA, Hawaiian at JFK, bustling Boeing, Google Flight Search, Travelocity Q&A and ACE Rent-A-Car

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… United Airlines has signed with Next IT to create a virtual assistant on United.com, similar to Continental’s “Ask Alex.” “Next IT will provide a natural, or every-day, language solution to create an exceptional customer experience for travelers using the website.” If you’re unfamiliar with “Ask…

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