Travel tips from professional tennis player Bobby Reynolds

I’m a huge tennis fan and currently glued to television watching the Australian Open underway in Melbourne, Australia. A recent article in USA Today’s sports section caught my eye featuring Bobby Reynolds, a U.S. professional tennis player. In addition to revealing a bit more about himself personally, he shared a number of helpful travel tips.

Bobby flies 100,000+ miles each year and prefers to find flights himself versus seeking the help of the ATP Tour. He prefers Delta Air Lines since his home base is Atlanta and often uses Travelocity or Kayak to find the best flight options.

a close-up of a white backgroundLike me, he prefers to arrive early and doesn’t mind sitting around for a while before his flights.

a quote on a white backgroundI actually prefer to buffer in even more time than 15 minutes, but then again… I live to be at an airport! Bobby is a fan of technology like many of us and loves his iPad to watch movies inflight.

a close-up of a textWell, here I differ… I love sitting in my airline seat and actually feel some flights are too short, such as U.S. to Europe (only if I’m in Business or First Class, of course.)

It’s an insightful article into a tennis professional’s life on the road and goes further into the relationships players build with local families. Finally, here is Bobby’s short list of travel tips, all of which are pretty basic and common knowledge, but good nonetheless:

  • Get to the airport early
  • Take your gadgets, such as an iPad, to keep you entertained
  • Drink lots of water the day before or day of your trip so you don’t feel dehydrated in flight

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