United Airlines offering elite status match/challenge all year

Status matches with airlines generally require calling to inquire about the possibility, but United Airlines now has a page on their website dedicated for matches requested between now and December 31, 2012.

a close-up of a woman Primarily targeting American and Delta, it’s open to all competing frequent flyer programs with the exception of those that grant Star Alliance Silver and Gold status (sorry US Airways elites).

Once approved, a newly minted Premier needs the following activity completed within 90-days to retain their matched status for the rest of the year.

a screenshot of a flight statusOther terms and conditions apply, so be sure to read this linked page.

Hat tip: FrequentFlier.com



  1. Thanks for posting this! This might work out perfectly for my cheap flight I just found this morning on Continental! Now the only question is… get it now, or wait for another time when I will definitely use it. Says can only do it once in 5 years.

  2. It’s so dumb that *S/G people aren’t eligible. There are people on other * airlines that would rather use United, but they can’t because that would mean a year of no elite status.

  3. Hey guys, my first time commenting here and I would like to get some help:
    I’m currently Gold Status at TAM Airlines, but their program isn’t that good for mileage accrual. Actually you earn fixed amount of points (not actual miles) depending on the region you fly. And besides that, connecting flights do not count towards mileage earning, they just consider the points from the origin to the destination, no matter how many connecting flights you had. So I am thinking about burning my miles on this program and changing to a another *A program. Since I don’t fly the minimum UA flights required to achieve premier status on UA I might to for another FFP. I do fly a lot internationally with other *A carriers, but not always with the same one. So, do you guys have any suggestion?

    • @Fabio: Are you based in Brazil? If so, TAM might still be the best option for you. Sorry to hear their FFP isn’t all that great by your description. If you do a lot of international travel, it makes sense to stick with one program to ensure you keep Gold Star Alliance status for lounge access, etc., when flying Star carriers.

  4. Apparently their program leaves something to be desired. I have submitted two requests to the website for matching status from Delta, being just a few miles short of Platinum status. To date, after waiting a month between each submission, I have received no communication, except for the email receipt which acknowledged receipt of the email itself. I wonder if anyone is working in their status match program?

  5. United customer service is a joke,I did the Premier match for 90-days and flew about 12K, which qualified me for the Premier. Since the 90-days I have flown an additional 20K and when the merger took place this month they took away my status. I’ve sent two e-mails and nobody will respond. I’ve also bounced around the Premier phone tree about 5 times and cannot get a person online. Was going to move over to United since there are more flight options, but sticking with Alaska and their partners. I can actually talk to someone there and they help with problems, not ignore you!

  6. They promised they would match my Delta Medallion status. I purchased two tickets and they system still did not change my status…. Can get anyone in MileagePlus to help or correct the issue. Paul Abril is an IDIOT. Going back to Delta

  7. They actually did allow me to match at 1K status. I was a Diamond on Delta for 3 years and also a Million Miler that just switched to United.

    • Wow, how about that – perhaps this is part of what Jeff Smisek said during their Q3 earnings release yesterday… “We’re doing everything we can to bring fliers back to United,” noting they lost a lot of customers since the merger and the recent struggles.

  8. Anyone who wants to join MileagePlus should seek professional help. I have had Global Services status for 8 of the last 10 years and am among the wave of GS people moving to other airlines because the service at United is so appallingly bad. My last four flights on United included three first-class tickets. On one flight United ruined the food, made us deplane and buy our own meals at McDonalds, and then made us wait three hours so they could get new meals for the pilots. On the second and third first-class flights, intercontinental trips and hence hugely expensive, I was bumped to later planes and, in one instance, an economy class seat. On my fourth flight, an economy ticket, United lost my luggage and then delivered it to someone else’s home. I would suggest that before you switch to United, do a web search on customer complaints. My experience is the rule, not the exception.

    United’s offering status match should be just a sick joke. I suspect it’s a public relations effort: an attempt to say to the market, “hey guys, it’s not just United customers going to Delta and American. People want to come here, too. . . Really, they do.”

    • @Why Would…: Thanks for the detailed info. As a GS, I certainly also hope you let United know directly you’re leaving. United’s latest financial results certainly show a drop in revenue performance, particularly I’m sure due to people like yourself leaving.

  9. Oh, United knows. Last spring the CFO told an investor conference that United’s elite flyers had developed a sense of entitlement and that the merged airline would make money in part by cutting back on the perquisites they received. The airline has obviously implemented that policy well.

    I’ve received a flurry of emails from them over the last couple of weeks. One said that United “knows there are problems” and asked me to stay. A more recent one tried a more assertive ploy, saying that “some” Global Services people did indeed go to AAdvantage but are now “begging to be reconsidered back to Global Services.” I replied that I am not begging; that, in fact, it would be up to United to improve its services to the point where I felt comfortable with the airline. Their answer was “I certainly understand your position. I am always disappointed to hear when one of our passengers looks to our competition.”

    The woman was warm and polite throughout our dialogue, but I am looking for substantial improvements. Flights that arrive within several hours of the scheduled hour, tickets and upgrades that are honored, agents and flight attendants that are as courteous as on other airlines.

    • @Why Would…: Glad you had a line of communication with one rep – and that she added a bit of reality, though I doubt too many are begging to come back to GS.

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