TV commercial from 1972 showcasing American Airlines’ Luxury Fleet

This week, the fine folks over at Gadling posted an American Airlines commercial from 1981 themed “Full service no matter what you pay.” It’s a quick look back at what air travel used to be like, with (relatively) low fares, free meals in coach and a swarm of airline and airport employees with smiles on their faces. Times have changed, particularly for American right now, and it made the Gadling staff sad (me, too).

Watching it got me headed over to YouTube to look over other vintage American commercials and I found the one appearing below showcasing the luxury of the carrier’s 747, 707 and DC-10 fleet in 1972. It takes a quick look through each aircraft, showing off the coach lounge on the 747 and DC-10 and the “new” interiors of the 707B. When describing the DC-10, the commentator mentions, “Its takeoffs are quieter and virtually smokeless.” Different times, indeed.



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