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Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines DC-10 ‘Standard’ from 1987

Last month I published a seat map of American’s “Standard†DC-10 from 1985 sporting a spacious coach cabin. I noted in that post that a mere two years later in 1987, this same aircraft was reconfigured with 22 additional seats in the rear cabin and promised to share the higher-density layout. Here, then, is American’s…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines DC-10 ‘Standard’ From 1985

I previously posted three other American DC-10s – one from 1977 sporting a “Dining in the Sky†section, another from 1985 in a three-class international configuration, and a high-density coach layout operating to Hawaii. And here now is American’s standard version seen flying the skies in 1985 for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.…

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TV commercial from 1972 showcasing American Airlines’ Luxury Fleet

This week, the fine folks over at Gadling posted an American Airlines commercial from 1981 themed “Full service no matter what you pay.” It’s a quick look back at what air travel used to be like, with (relatively) low fares, free meals in coach and a swarm of airline and airport employees with smiles on…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines DC-10-10 LuxuryLiner (1977)

It’s time for another edition of Vintage Airline Seat Maps and this is probably one of the coolest layouts for a Douglas DC-10-10 that I’ve ever seen. The American Airlines configuration shown below seated a total of 264 passengers and was flying in the pre-deregulation era when airlines were less concerned with packing the greatest…

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