Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines DC-10-10 LuxuryLiner (1977)

It’s time for another edition of Vintage Airline Seat Maps and this is probably one of the coolest layouts for a Douglas DC-10-10 that I’ve ever seen. The American Airlines configuration shown below seated a total of 264 passengers and was flying in the pre-deregulation era when airlines were less concerned with packing the greatest amount of passengers onboard.

First Class seated a total of 44 passengers in the common 2 x 2 x 2 layout, but with a special “Dining In The Sky†section. Similar to the ones found on their Boeing 747-100s at that time, four seats were designed to swivel around a central table to create a unique section perfect for both eating and socializing. I’d imagine a few poker games went down, too. I had wondered if American ever began row numbering with ‘1,’ and this map answers that question. Up front I’d mostly likely be in a window in row three or four.

Coach seated a total of 220 passengers and this was at time when seat pitch either matched or was just a shade under what First Class enjoyed. Be sure to note the center section ‘E’ seats didn’t exist at that time. Here I’d also be in a window ahead of the wing for the best view, probably in row 13 or 14.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane

Image courtesy American Airlines


  1. Are the blocked-out E seats actually “cocktail tables”, or seating? If they’re tables, I count 200 coach seats, if they’re seats, then the 220 adds up.

    • Good catch. I just assumed they were blocked or tables and didn’t count. Are there any former passengers or crew out there that have flown this version?

  2. The first class seats “Dining in the Sky” is similar to the current design of the Flagship Suite which center pair seats can swivel sideways to face other.

  3. Frequently flew AA’s DC-10 between Phoenix and O’Hare and got to know several crews. Coming down with a cold one wintery Friday evening and was in 7-G back to PHX: 6-G was empty so FA turned it around & I could put my feet up.

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