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Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines Boeing 727-200 From 1977

I previously posted American’s 727-100 from 1977 and here now is the stretched -200 series for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. American offered 16 seats in first class and 111 in coach on this pre-deregulation 727-200. Seat pitch in first was probably around 38-inches and economy likely had a very generous 36-inch pitch.…

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Retro video: United Airlines in 1980 – “Diamonds In The Sky”

Here’s a fantastic flash back of United Airlines, and the U.S. airline industry, circa 1980. I’ve seen this hour-long video before, but just came across it again yesterday and it’s truly a gem. It really doesn’t get going until about nine minutes in with an interview of then President & CEO of United, Richard Ferris.…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines DC-10-10 LuxuryLiner (1977)

It’s time for another edition of Vintage Airline Seat Maps and this is probably one of the coolest layouts for a Douglas DC-10-10 that I’ve ever seen. The American Airlines configuration shown below seated a total of 264 passengers and was flying in the pre-deregulation era when airlines were less concerned with packing the greatest…

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