United Airlines’ ‘Geeks United’ Video Montage During the Star MegaDO

Remember the “Geeks United” contest where United gave away a seat on the Star Alliance MegaDO last month? You had to submit a 30-second video showing just how geeky you are about United and their fleet. I sent in an entry in hopes of winning, thinking I had a fighting chance. Well… I didn’t win, but I got an honorable mention of sorts in the montage they put together and showed during the MegaDO.

There are some funny moments in this clip, my favorite being the guy who said, “… and when Jeff Smisek won the aviation person of the year (in) 2010, I brought home a bottle of champagne to my wife!”

Huge thanks to @airwaysjack for letting me know I made an appearance (twice!) in this video clip, as well as to whoever filmed it.

And the winning video? United STILL hasn’t posted it from what I can find online. :-/

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