United Airlines Million-Miler Credentials: A Look Inside

Last month, I (finally) rolled over one million lifetime miles in United’s MileagePlus program and yesterday I received my credentials via USPS Priority Mail. Here’s a look inside the package.

a blue box with white text and white text on it

United Million-Miler box

The first item upon opening it was a letter from Tom O’Toole, United’s president of MileagePlus. Note the language that, “you will never fall below Premier Gold status.†I certainly hope not… did the pre-merger credentials have similar language for the former Premier Executive status?

a paper with text on it

“Congrats” letter from Tom O’Toole

As I’m currently a Premier 1K, the credentials inside reflected my existing status that’s valid through January 31, 2014.

a box with a white label on it

Premier 1K credentials

a card in a folder

Premier 1K card and bag tags

A closer look at the text of the folder says that I’ve been “awarded†Premier 1K status. Err, no… I earned that status. I’ll be curious to inspect my companion’s package (who was indeed awarded my status) when it shows up to compare the language.

a white sign with text and images on it

“Awarded” status?

Nitpicking aside, the folder included 10 beverage vouchers with an expiration of 1/31/14 (giveaway here on the blog is forthcoming for those), a Premier 1K 1Call wallet card with the various toll-free numbers for United reservations around the globe, and (not pictured below) the plastic do-dads for the luggage tags.

a paper with text on it

Drink chits and 1K calling card

Also, the normal explanation of perks for holding 1K status were presented.

a close up of a card

Premier 1K bennies

And behind all of that was the gift, if you will, of a plastic frame holding a paper card with my name and million-miler year.

a clear plastic award with a blue and white label

1K million-miler gift

a plastic box with a blue and black design on it

Back of the “cube”

I have to say that it was a little bit like Christmas for me opening the box last night. And quite honestly, the external box itself is more of a collectible for me than the plastic certificate. Both, however, are proudly displayed with my other airline items in my home. (Do non-#avgeek million-milers get as much excitement from the package?)

My cat was unexcited by the whole thing.

a cat sleeping next to a box

Bella isn’t impressed

Next year I’ll fall to Platinum in MileagePlus since I’ll end up at about 80k Premier Qualifying Miles this year, and with United’s new revenue requirements for elite status beginning next year, I’ll definitely only be Gold in 2015 and beyond (assuming I don’t start a new career with excessive travel).

I can’t imagine that I’ll ever see the two-million-mile mark with United. Being well into my 40s now, my arse hurts even thinking about another million.

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    • @Nick: My travels are gradually slowing for a variety of reasons… and 1K just isn’t “worth it” for me to hold next year. I’m beginning a burn phase for my miles.
      @Greg: Thanks! And look out for my drink chit giveaway shortly. 😉

  1. Congrats on 1 Million!! I’m at about 600K, so still a ways to go. I’m happy to take some of those drink coupons off your hands, especially since the premier platinum upgrades just aren’t coming thru this year.

  2. When I crossed the Million Miler threshold with UA in May 2012, the kit was similar, but instead of the name plaque, I got a leather luggage tag holder, which held one of the Million Miler luggage tags. Unfortunately I managed to lose that thing less than four months later.

    As for the language, I believe the “awarded” terminology exists in even the standard elite kits.

  3. @Steven: Sorry you lost your luggage tag holder!
    @Brad: Thanks! I’ll look forward to seeing what’s inside your kit when you cross the MM mark!

  4. Nice work Darren! Appreciate seeing the MM package contents. This Darin is scheduled to cross the 1MM mark this upcoming Monday JFK-LAX. Just in time, I only have one drink chit left!

  5. @Jeff: Thanks!
    @Mark: Yep, the social media “surprise” was as much of a gift.
    @tivoboy: Times are changing in the frequent flier world, that’s for sure.

    • @Charles: I crossed the mark on 9/22 and received the kit on Monday 10/21. Interestingly, the postmark date for the Priority Mail package shows as 10/3, but it wasn’t tendered at a post office until 10/19.

  6. I hit 1,000,000 miles on United in September 2013 have have not been upgraded since. Being a Million Miler is no better than just having Gold status. Thanks, United.

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