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United Airlines Million-Miler Credentials: A Look Inside

Last month, I (finally) rolled over one million lifetime miles in United’s MileagePlus program and yesterday I received my credentials via USPS Priority Mail. Here’s a look inside the package. The first item upon opening it was a letter from Tom O’Toole, United’s president of MileagePlus. Note the language that, “you will never fall below…

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Sharing Your Premier Status as a United Million-Miler

One of the perks of holding million-miler status on United Airlines is the ability to share your current Premier status with a spouse or companion. And having just achieved the one million mile mark, I went through the remarkably simple process to do just that. To further clarify, MileagePlus allows you to share your status…

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United Airlines Million-Mile Trip Report: Introduction and Background

Last month, I (finally) crossed one million lifetime miles in United’s MileagePlus program. It’s been a long time coming, quite honestly, as I’m certain that I crossed the actual flown amount on United metal years ago. As did most members, I received a nice bump in lifetime miles when Continental OnePass merged with United MileagePlus,…

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Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel Industry News: February 1, 2013

A lawsuit filed by a United Airlines Million-Miler will proceed, as a judge threw out United’s request to have it dismissed. Well… parts of the lawsuit were dismissed, but others are still in play. The judge said, “At this stage of the litigation, the court finds it plausible that defendants had a contract with Million…

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United Airlines lifetime mileage has been updated with EQMs

Check your lifetime miles with United. Mine just jumped almost 100k when I thought I was only going to get 15k or so due to the one-time addition of elite qualifying miles dating back to program inception. I certainly hope it’s not a mistake or glitch. How did you make out? [Updated to add: Looks…

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