United Airlines lifetime mileage has been updated with EQMs

Check your lifetime miles with United. Mine just jumped almost 100k when I thought I was only going to get 15k or so due to the one-time addition of elite qualifying miles dating back to program inception. I certainly hope it’s not a mistake or glitch. How did you make out?

[Updated to add: Looks like just about everyone received many more than they thought they would based on this Flyertalk thread.]


  1. I thought they were also counting MP credit card purchases. That definitely didn’t happen. Many star alliance flights of ours were also not counted. Only the Continental flight appear to be credited on both my husbands and my accounts

  2. Mine doubled as well. I never had that type of BIS mileage on CO. The increase is consistent if they are counting CO CC bonus points which is really the only large activity on my CO acct.

  3. Mine hasn’t moved at all. Do I need to do something to make this happen other than linking the 2 accounts, as I did awhile ago?

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