Your United Airlines 2011 elite status will extend beyond 1/31/12

If you didn’t hit the mark to requalify for your elite status level with United Airlines for 2012, you’re getting a small bonus this year. While they finalize the transition from Apollo to Shares, United is extending elite members’ 2011 status and bennies until late in the first quarter.

a group of people sitting in an airplaneI’m guessing the official conversion will take place in March and we’ll find out the exact date later this month. What still has not been revealed, however, is how we’ll gain access to those Star Alliance lounges that require we show our cards. I’m hoping they’ll either mail out stickers with new expiration dates to apply to our existing cards or just issue the official 2012 credentials even though the systems haven’t merged. I just hope it’s not via Standard mail which has taken nearly a month for me to receive.

Also, as a reminder to those like me who’ve emblazoned their United Mileage Plus number in their memories, they will use the OnePass alphanumeric system going forward. I’ll admit it’s pretty easy to remember and I’ve had mine since 1990, but I’m sad my 001## ### ### will be retired.

Happy New Year!


  1. For those that have hit their previous status, I don’t see why the couldn’t just mail out the new cards, although I think it would be a little more complicated for people who have dropped status, especially from *G to *S or general.

  2. I for one will be purchasing lounge access whenever they don’t accept my card, I will ask to purchase lounge access and have pre-printed forms stating they would not allow me to enter because my card was not valid but was a sticker and ask them to sign it or get their name etc on it and bill UA for it.

    • @Scott: Hopefully it won’t come to that. I wish those lounges requiring a card would accept the status as stated on our BPs and/or call the airline check-in desk to confirm. Pretty ridiculous in this electronic age we need the card.

  3. Wow, you guys have low numbers ! Mine only start with 010## ### ###. 🙁

    Back to the topic, so is it what I earn from now (Jan 1st til end of Q1) still count as 2011 instead of 2012 ?

    • @ORDnHKG: No, what you fly this year counts toward 2012 status… it’s just that your 2011 status will now expire sometime after the normal 1/31/12 date while they finish merging the systems.

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