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Great Mileage Run Fares for Segment-Based Elites Are Available

With the majority of airlines matching Southwest’s $49 fares in sub 500-mile markets, it has opened up a two-week window in December for segment-based elites to fly probably the cheapest mileage segment runs of the year for 2014 requalification. The sale also includes January-February 2014 travel, but I’m sure that most people aren’t starting to…

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Random Notes From My United Mileage Run on Saturday

This past Saturday I flew a “simple†mileage run on United from Reno to Washington Dulles, connecting in San Francisco in both directions. It was a long day with flight 1 of 4 departing at 5:30 a.m. and flight 4 of 4 arriving back in Reno at midnight. I had Regional Premier Upgrades to burn,…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: United Airlines ‘Reno Commuter’ Boeing 727-100

Back in the 1970s, United Airlines operated “Reno Commuter†flights predominantly between Reno and Elko, Nevada, with further flying to Ely and Salt Lake City. Here is the Boeing 727-100 operated on the route for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. This single-class aircraft seated 112 passengers and offered a luxurious 36 inches of…

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Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel Industry News: February 1, 2013

A lawsuit filed by a United Airlines Million-Miler will proceed, as a judge threw out United’s request to have it dismissed. Well… parts of the lawsuit were dismissed, but others are still in play. The judge said, “At this stage of the litigation, the court finds it plausible that defendants had a contract with Million…

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