Vintage Airline Seat Map: United Airlines ‘Reno Commuter’ Boeing 727-100

Back in the 1970s, United Airlines operated “Reno Commuter†flights predominantly between Reno and Elko, Nevada, with further flying to Ely and Salt Lake City. Here is the Boeing 727-100 operated on the route for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.

This single-class aircraft seated 112 passengers and offered a luxurious 36 inches of pitch between most rows. Eat your heart out Economy Plus!

The darker, burnt orange (or brown, if you will) rows appearing on the map below from 15 to 21 was the smoking section.

Seat 2C looks to be the best in the house, though I’d probably opt for something a bit further back and definitely alongside a window, such as 5A or 5F.

Where would you sit?

a close-up of a signa close-up of a black screen

a close-up of a map

United 727-100 'Reno Commuter' Seat Map

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  1. Wow! That is quite a route, having driven the length of I-80 through Nevada/Utah I’m quite surprised it could support a 727, let alone a dedicated subfleet. At 36″ pitch and all coach, I don’t think there is a bad seat, so I would just try to sit towards the front as I recall the 727s are loud in back.

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