White noise for aviation geeks… and babies

So I have this neighbor who has one of those small dogs with a piercing bark. If you watched last night’s episode of “On The Fly” where a woman’s dog thoroughly irritated an entire cabin of passengers to the point flight attendants gave everyone free drinks, you know the type of yippie bark I’m talking about. It’s at a pitch and decibel that you just can’t drown out no matter how hard you try.

Anyway, my neighbor’s dog knows exactly when I go to bed and decides that’s the time to go into full swing for a couple of hours. I already use earplugs and a fan, but it still doesn’t do enough, so I searched today for a white noise mp3 I can set to repeat throughout the night on my speakers and came across this:

a screenshot of a computerIt’s a pretty cool idea, actually. As to whether it prepares a baby sufficiently for the actual experience of air travel is another story. I, of course, previewed all tracks and they sound pretty darn authentic.

I simply ended up buying a couple of fan-sounding mp3s and now hope my arsenal will be enough to drown that little guy out. With that, I’m off for a nap. 😉


  1. This is why I continue to rent. I can always evict neighbors who are loud, or have loud and un-ruly dogs. I would never have that luxory, when buying a house or townhome.

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