A surprise from American Airlines arrived in the mail

American Airlines continues to impress the heck out of me lately. I flew with them quite a bit last year during my quest to achieve Platinum status and earlier this year I took advantage of their Executive Platinum status match for United 1Ks.

My first trip with American this year is coming up next weekend and the only piece of my normal “United†routine of travel that I was going to miss was lounge access. I have yet to purchase an Admirals Club membership (nor am I a non-U.S. airline oneworld elite that would get access) and have been holding off buying it until I really start flying them in earnest in September.

Lo and behold what arrives in the mail today:

a white envelope with a couple of tickets on it Were they reading my mind? Naw, they’re just smart marketers and realize an opportunity when they see one. I’d like to think it was someone being proactive and noticing my first flight on AA was approaching since being newly minted as a status-matched EP from United. However I got them, THANK YOU American!

The letter enclosed with the certs was from Suzanne Rubin, the President of AAdvantage, and simply said they value my business and want to ensure I am as comfortable and productive as possible. Yeah, it was also a plug for the club, but a welcome one at that!

Besides the 10,000 miles I plan to fly on United this year to renew 1K through 2014, American is getting the rest of my business. They’ve just got it going on right now, especially making renewal of Executive Platinum relatively easy.


  1. Darren, you think it is because they knew you were a blogger ? 😀 We are waiting for some good AA fares, too. Got lucky on the first day and matched our UA Gold to AA Platinum, but too bad there is no shortcut to maintaining Platinum…

  2. Not me…did the UA1K status match too & no club access for me during my 3 month quest for AA 100k & extending ExP status to 2014. Hmm, maybe just for the guys or just the bloggers or maybe just random chance.

  3. Nope. I was matched from 1k also and have not booked an AA flight yet and I received the same packet today.

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