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Singapore Airlines Trip Report: SQ 26 Business Class FRA-JFK

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The flight was delayed an hour due to the late inbound from Singapore, but I’m never bothered by spending more time at an airport. And I had an eight-hour layover at JFK (yes, eight hours… more on that in the next installment), so I wasn’t worried at all about my connection back to LAX.

a sign with a yellow and black textpeople in a terminalAfter my lengthy and enjoyable visit to the Senator Lounge, I headed down to the gate early, had my documents checked and found a seat. They had a table set up with orange juice and water available for anyone that wanted it, probably an amenity due to the delay.

Boarding was chaotic and while agents did their best to direct people to the appropriate lane, there was just no clear cut “line.†Families were boarded along with those in the Suites cabin and when Business Class was called, people from every direction began filtering in. I joined the ridiculousness and eventually was scanned and on my way down the jetway.

a close-up of a business class ticketI boarded on the upper deck this time and had the same seat as my outbound flight – 14A.

a person standing in the back of an airplanea seat in an airplanea seat on an airplaneAfter I settled in, flight attendants brought around a selection of pre-departure beverages and newspapers. I had already juiced myself to death in the lounge, but went with yet another orange juice, requiring a visit to the lavatory before we pushed back.

purple flowers on a wooden block

Flower in lavatory

After takeoff, I began watching a 30-minute show titled something like “Farewell to the 747,†which was a look back at Singapore Airlines’ history flying the aircraft, now retired from their fleet. Perfect “avgeek” inflight entertainment!

a tv on the shelf of an airplane Given the time of day, the first meal served was brunch with the following selections available from the menu.

a menu of a restaurantI had the intro courses of fruit and yoghurt, but had pre-reserved artichoke-tomato crusted loin of lamb for my entrée using Singapore’s unique ‘Book the Cook’ option. I don’t care what time of day it is, I love lamb and this dish was simply fantastic.

a plate of fruit and a croissanta yogurt on a tablea plate of food with meat and vegetablesAfter the meal, I folded down the seat and took a nap for a few hours. I woke up once noticing they had darkened the cabin and figured there was quite a bit more time left, but as soon as I settled in again to go back to sleep, the lights came on and flight attendants were coming through the aisles preparing for the pre-arrival light meal.

a menu of a restaurantI again went with an option from the ‘Book the Cook’ menu, which was a delicious pan-fried fillet of beef in three peppercorn sauce.

a plate of food on a tablea plate of food on a tableAs with the outbound flight, service was good-to-very good, but impersonal as there are just soooo many different flight attendants serving the huge business class cabin. My biggest takeaway about Singapore Airlines from this trip was the exceptional quality of the meals – they rival the best you’d find when flying first class.

We landed about 11:45am at JFK and I made it from the boarding door to the AirTrain in less than five minutes – the fastest time I think I’ve ever cleared customs and immigration, all without having Global Entry. I just love it when that happens.

Up next: Conclusion and United Airlines flight 535 back to Los Angeles

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