Yet another gift from American Airlines

Boy, American is really in the giving spirit lately. If the free Admirals Club passes weren’t already enough of a welcome surprise last week, this morning they emailed me yet another gift.

a woman using a laptop in an airplanea white text with black textIt’s a targeted offer with a dedicated link, so sadly I can’t post it to share with the masses, but I’m certain I’m not the only one to receive it. The fine print of the email reads, “This email was sent to because you have recently attained AAdvantage Executive Platinum status.â€

If you think about it, they’re really being smart marketers. Offering useful perks above and beyond what you already receive as a top-tier elite – especially being a new Executive Platinum – really helps build loyalty and drive future purchase decisions. And the timing of them arriving after receiving the EP credentials in the mail allows them to bring American top-of-mind again at this later date.

Thanks, American, for another fantastic gift!


  1. I attained EP status for the first time in March after 20 years flying American. It would be nice if I were to receive one of your perks. I guess they figure they already own me if I have been an AAdvantage member for so long.

    It’s nice that they are lavishing so much upon you as a convert. It would be equally nice if they remembered those who have stuck by them all this time.

  2. @victor

    They *are* remembering we who stuck by them (I am in the same boat)

    They are seeking new customers so that they can continue to exist.

    Nothing will destroy their ability to reward our loyalty more than if they go out of business.

    If they have to do more to attract new customers than retain old ones, we should just be happy if they are being successful at that.


  3. Loyalty doesnt mean crAAp anymore. If they didnt practically give it away cause they are in chapter 11, nobody would cAAre so much. In a couple of years you will turn your back on AA the same way you did on your beloved UA. Shocking the way you tossed UA into the garbage heAAp.

    • @joe: At least they’re attempting to win my business, unlike United. What does concern me is if US/AA merge. Will I see the same mess as what’s happening right now at United? And I haven’t turned my back on United in full. I’m still maintaining 1K and will still fly with them next year when I roll over to million miler status.

  4. My last 2 flights with AA I played the GogoInflight game “Lucky seat” and scored 2 free day passes, so I was able to connect for free 😉 Worth a try

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