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Airline acronyms & review of an online Travel Industry Dictionary

Many industries are loaded with acronyms unique to their line of business, and the airline industry is no exception. I do my best in always trying to spell each one out when I use an acronym in my postings, but they still might not make much sense to infrequent flyers or people unfamiliar with the…

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Video: The future of air travel according to Braniff International circa 1960s

Here’s a pretty hilarious video showing how Braniff International Airways envisioned the future of air travel on supersonic jets. It apparently was made in the 1960s, showing their interpretation of what 1975 air travel might be like. This is a must watch with some pretty amusing takeaways. Check out the woman in the silver outfit…

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American Airlines is launching something called “Arrivals” next year

I appreciate it when the airlines I fly wish me a happy holiday and thank me for flying with them throughout the year. American beat United this year, and I received the following email this afternoon: I thought it was cute they went all multi-media and I clicked into the video expecting snowflakes and Christmas…

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