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Are Airline Change Fees and Cancellation Penalties Fair?

I absolutely hate cancelling a non-refundable airline reservation. It feels like a kick in the gut, especially on “cheap” domestic airfares where the fee to reuse the ticket – $150 on most airlines – ends up eating away a significant portion of the overall ticket value. Last week, I was unable to travel and had…

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Using a Previously Cancelled Ticket for a New Reservation at the New United

I encountered something new that irritates me with the new United Airlines yesterday. It might be common to former Continental fliers (I’m assuming it was their policy), but it’s new to me and I figured it might be fair warning to anyone expecting the process to work the same as it did on the old…

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United same day change and standby policy refresher

I haven’t done a same day change on United Airlines since the system conversion and while I’ve read varying and dizzying accounts of how they’re handled by airport agents on Flyertalk, I decided to give myself a refresher on the policy as it appears on I realize this is pretty basic stuff to many…

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