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Are Airline Change Fees and Cancellation Penalties Fair?

I absolutely hate cancelling a non-refundable airline reservation. It feels like a kick in the gut, especially on “cheap” domestic airfares where the fee to reuse the ticket – $150 on most airlines – ends up eating away a significant portion of the overall ticket value. Last week, I was unable to travel and had…

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Your frequent flyer data & complete fare information public knowledge?

The U.S. Department of Transportation and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood withdrew a proposal yesterday that would have required airlines to submit passenger frequent flyer program data and complete fare basis code information to the government. The pending rule dated back to 2005 where the DOT had proposed additional data collection measures required of the airlines.…

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Air Transport World webcast summary on responsive airlines

Yesterday I listened into another webcast from Air Transport World entitled “Responsive Airlines: Secrets to Real-Time Visibility and Control.†The theme of this hour long discussion surrounded around how airlines can better manage internal systems & processes when a service disruption occurs, and the steps necessary to get back on track through enhanced technology all…

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Airfare pricing buckets & airline fare basis codes REVEALED!

In this post, I will shed some light on how airlines assign fare basis codes to the various “buckets†of inventory available for sale on any given flight. If you’ve ever wondered what pricing “buckets†are, or just what your fare showing as WAGT14GS means, read on. My recent Mileage Run 101 posts (Part 1…

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Constructing a mileage run

I’ve been scanning the fares for a couple of weeks now searching for good mileage runs coming in around 3 cents per mile (cpm), but haven’t found any gems lately like I did last year. One fare did pop up last night that looked sort-of attractive, so I thought I’d take you through my process…

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