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Amenity Kit Review: Emirates First Class – Women’s Version

I’ve always wanted to add an Emirates amenity kit to my collection and I can’t thank Teja, who authors the Grab a Mile blog, enough for making it a reality. Here’s a review of what I believe is their current offering for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. For a better description of each category…

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United’s virtual agent, Continental’s E+, American Eagle fined, bloated TSA, Hawaiian at JFK, bustling Boeing, Google Flight Search, Travelocity Q&A and ACE Rent-A-Car

In other airline, hotel and travel industry news this week… United Airlines has signed with Next IT to create a virtual assistant on United.com, similar to Continental’s “Ask Alex.” “Next IT will provide a natural, or every-day, language solution to create an exceptional customer experience for travelers using the website.” If you’re unfamiliar with “Ask…

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The next ancillary airline product for coach passengers: amenity kits

An article appeared in the San Jose Mercury News in May discussing the evolution of amenity kits since their introduction around the 1950s. As a collector of the kits myself, I’m keen to know what the future holds for them as some airlines are foregoing fully stocked bags/containers and simply handing out individual products upon…

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Airline social media, lawsuits, leaky engines, top rankings & retiring birds

Here are a few more noteworthy news items from the airline industry in the past week: Airlines have wholly embraced Facebook and Twitter as important marketing and social media portals, and some are expanding it to include flight searches and bookings like Delta Air Lines has already done. Taking it a step further, though, is…

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