Video: Conceptual Tour Inside Aeroflot’s Boeing 777-300 Aircraft

Aeroflot Russian Airlines recently released a video showing the planned configuration of their Boeing 777-300s. From what I could find online, it appears their first four will be delivered next year. Wikipedia reports Aeroflot ordered a total of 16.

President Class (business class) looks comfy in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seats are ever so slightly staggered in each row. I love the mood lighting.

Premier Class doesn’t look quite as stellar as the current generation of other airlines’ premium economy sections. The layout here is 2-4-2 with a gap between the middle section of 4 seats. I do quite like the color scheme of those seats.

And economy class shows a 10-abreast configuration (3-4-3).

Here’s the (silent) video:

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  1. @aadvantagegeek
    Which is the same model (B/E Diamond, if I remember correctly) as United’s ex-Continental BusinessFirst seat.

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